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What Makes Property Management So Expensive in Harrisburg?

Nothing. It doesn't cost more to manage properties in Harrisburg than in Lancaster. But many competing Property Management Companies in Harrisburg charge two to three times as much as we do.
So, you logically conclude that they must be doing something special to justify those higher fees. But, in fact, we include more and better Property Management Services in our basic fee than they do. Furthermore, we do everything possible to keep overhead low so we can continue delivering great service at a lower rate.
Read this page to discover more about our unique and comprehensive Property Management Services. You'll discover the real question is "Why would I pay so much more to manage my investment properties just because my properties are located in Harrisburg?" Clearly, you wouldn't and you shouldn't.

You Won't Find a Better Property Management Company in Harrisburg, PA and Dauphin County

Harrisburg PA Dauphin County Property Management
  • Have over 39 years' experience Managing Properties for Real Estate Investors in Harrisburg, PA and Dauphin County, PA;
  • Find & qualify tenants that ensure consistent incoming revenue;
  • Fill vacancies quickly;
  • Perform regular inspections of vacant properties to make sure everything is well.
  • Know who to call around Harrisburg to get repairs done right the first time;
  • Don't add markup to the cost of your repairs;
  • Keep your properties in compliance with municipal codes;
  • Inspect major repairs and maintenance;
  • Are a full service Property Management Company who handle administrative headaches for you at no additional charge including
    • collecting lease payments;
    • resolving landlord/tenant disputes;
    • handling eviction proceedings;
    • settling disputes with municipalities;
    • time spent in court on your behalf;
    • payments of mortgages, insurance, taxes and utilities;
    • regularly inspect your vacant properties;
  • Help you draft well-written leases that protect you;
  • Unlike other Property Management Companies, create a custom Property Management Agreement to handle all the details or just a few;
  • Manage your Investment Properties the same care and attention to detail as we would ours; and
  • Provide the answers you need when you need them most.
  • Lastly, send you your monthly check

More Reasons to Use Our Property Management Services

Detailed Billing & Accountability

At the end of every month we'll send you an itemized list of everything we're doing, so you always know what's happening with your property.

You're Always in Control

When it comes to repairs and upgrades to your property, you are always free to hire your contractor or use our experienced professionals. Want to pay your mortgage and taxes or have us handle it? The choice is yours. Just need help getting new tenants and want to handle all the other details on your own? No problem. We'll provide as little or as much service as you need, all at a reasonable price that fits your budget.

No Overages, Extra Fees or Fine Print, Period!

When you work with Trinity Management Services, you pay the agreed upon management fee each month, plus the costs of any repairs we complete or bills we pay on your behalf. That's it.

We don't mark up the cost of our contractors' services. You'll pay the exact amount for any repairs you authorize us to complete and not a penny more!

We don't charge extra to handle landlord/tenant disputes in court. The only amount you'll pay is filing fees related to the case. We don't tack on additional charges, even if we spend time in court.

We're Always Here When You Need Us

We respond to all your questions and provide real answers. We're just a phone call away!

So, if you're ready to leave the headaches behind and start cashing checks instead, Contact Trinity Management Associates today. We're the aspirin for your headache properties throughout Harrisburg and Dauphin County, PA.

Ready to leave the headaches behind and start enjoying the benefits of your investment properties? Put our 39 years of Property Management experience to work for you and see the difference we can make… Contact Us today!