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You Won't Find a Better Property Management Company in Lancaster and South Central PA

Lancaster Property Management Expert Timothy Patches
Timothy Patches, President
We're a professional, full-service Property Management Company. We have over 39 years' experience helping real estate property owners in Lancaster, Lancaster County, and South Central Pennsylvania
Whether you have a portfolio of properties or are just getting started, we offer the comprehensive Real Estate Property Management Services you need. We offer Property Management Services in
5"Thanks so much for finding and managing the three properties we recently purchased. It will really help us with diversifying our investment portfolio. The rentals are pulling in a solid 12% a month, which was about what we discussed - after expenses. Sure is beating Wall Street!
I must add your office staff is helpful and professional when we have questions or concerns. This makes our business relationship perfect!
Thanks again for your time and energy to make this happen for us."
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Wright

Our Property Management Services

  • Find & qualify tenants that ensure consistent revenue;
  • Fill vacancies quickly;
  • Perform regular inspections of vacant properties to make sure everything is well.
    5"I have three properties managed by Trinity. Tim and his team always do a great job of keeping the properties in good shape and keeping them occupied with tenants. No matter what the weather: rain, sleet, snow, hail - Tim is out there making sure that everything is ship shape with my rental houses."
    Matthew Graham
  • Know who to call to get repairs done right the first time;
  • Don't add markup to the cost of your repairs;
  • Keep your properties in compliance with municipal codes;
    5"We own a six unit building in downtown Lancaster that Trinity manages for me. Tim knows the city regulations extremely well and has taken on some challenging situations for us while keeping us informed. The entire staff is responsive and flexible which makes it such a pleasure. There have been times when we needed something done "right away" and Trinity always found a way to do it!"
  • Inspect significant repairs and maintenance;
  • Are a full-service Property Management Company who handle administrative headaches for you at no additional charge including
    • collecting lease payments;
    • resolving landlord/tenant disputes;
    • handling eviction proceedings;
    • settling disputes with municipalities;
    • time spent in court on your behalf;
    • payments of mortgages, insurance, taxes, and utilities;
    • regularly inspect your vacant properties;
  • Help you draft well-written leases that protect you;
  • Unlike other Property Management Companies, create a custom Property Management Agreement to handle all the details or just a few;
  • Manage your Investment Properties the same care and attention to detail as we would ours;
  • Provide the answers you need when you need them most; and
  • Lastly, send you your monthly check.

Why We're a Better Property Management Company

Unexpected expenses are part of Investing in Real Estate. But the surprises should not come from your Property Management Company. Partner with us. No Property Management Company in Lancaster or anywhere else does more to avoid unexpected expenses originating from our services. Here's why.

No Overages, Extra Fees or Fine Print, Period!

When you work with us, you pay the agreed upon management fee each month plus the actual costs of any repairs we complete or bills we pay on your behalf. That's it. You may be thinking that's obvious. But it's not obvious because many Property Management Companies mark-up your repairs and maintenance by as much as 25%! That's one way many Property Management Companies compensate for charging very low monthly fees.

We don't

  • mark up the cost of our contractors' services. You'll pay the exact amount for any repairs you authorize us to complete and not a penny more;
  • charge extra to handle landlord/tenant disputes even if we spend time in court. The only amount you'll pay is filing fees related to the case.

Detailed Billing & Accountability

You always know what's happening with your property because we send you a monthly itemized list of everything we're doing.

You're Always in Control

  • You're always free to hire your contractor or use our experienced professionals for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to your property.
  • Do you want to pay your mortgage, insurance, and taxes or have us handle it? The choice is yours.
  • Do you just need help getting new tenants and want to handle all the other details on your own? It's no problem.

We'll provide as little or as much service as you need at a reasonable price that fits your budget.

We're Always Here When You Need Us

We respond to all your questions and provide real answers. We're just a phone call away!

5"We have been affiliated with Trinity Management Associates since we purchased our Lancaster City property in 2008. We have found Trinity to be extremely responsive and timely in matters related to our property. They been very helpful when repairs were needed and made themselves available to discuss our concerns - and since we are first-time "landlords," we had a number of them at the outset.

Tim and his associates were accessible to answer our questions. Tim complies with all local regulations and navigates the "system" for us. Knowing that Tim is a phone call away has eased any trepidations that we had at the beginning of this venture."
Joan & Pete, first-time owners

So, if you're ready to leave the headaches behind and start cashing checks instead, Contact Trinity Management Associates today. We're the aspirin for your headache properties throughout Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York, PA.

Property Management Eliminates Reasons Not to Invest in Real Estate

Rental Agreement

When You Realize You Need a Property Management Company

Many Real Estate Investors are surprised at how much time and effort Property Management requires.
  • Investment Properties require repairs and maintenance. We all know that things don't always break when you're available to take care of the problem. Furthermore, who do you call to get it fixed?
  • Problems can arise with municipalities.
    • Are you familiar with the building codes?
    • Do you know the best people to contact to get problems resolved quickly?
    • Do you have the time or availability to get the problems resolved?
  • Problems arise with tenants.
    • What if your tenant falls behind with the rent? Do you know how to proceed with trying to collect the back rent without breaking PA law?
    • Do you have the time? Resolving tenant problems can be extremely time consuming.
    • If you wind up in court, do you know how to present your case so the court finds in your favor?
  • Do you know how a lease should be written to protect you from potential problems with tenants?
  • You have additional bills to pay including the mortgage, insurance, utilities and taxes.

For most of us, we don't

  • know how to handle these problems; or
  • have the time and availability.

Furthermore, knowing how to reliably resolve problems comes with experience and a long, expensive learning curve. So, why do it? Let us handle the administration and headaches because

  • we're experts at property management;
  • we'll probably save you more money than you would save doing this work yourself; and
  • we love doing it.
Partner with us and your involvement in your investment properties will be to open the envelope containing your monthly check. Doesn't that sound like the best way to own investment properties?

When You Realize You Chose the Wrong Property Management Company

Does any of this sound familiar? It's time to get the right Property Management Company.

Ready to leave the headaches behind and start enjoying the benefits of your investment properties? Put our 39 years of Property Management experience to work for you and see the difference we can make. Contact Us today!