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Local Expert Property Management with 40 Years of Experience

In May of 1983, a property management and investment-property consulting service was born. From the moment we opened our doors there was one, single focus. That focus was (and still is) on you, the property owner and investor. We want to ensure that you’re realizing maximum profit potential—now and until the day you cash in your investments.

Trinity Management Associates is All About You

The majority of our business revolves around making the ownership of rental properties easy for you. Our professional property management services include filling vacancies, collecting rent, coordinating maintenance and repairs, paying mortgages and taxes, resolving tenant/landlord disputes, evicting…we’ll even represent you in court.

We’ll handle it all. In fact, you may never even have to speak to your tenants. It really is that simple.

We also offer consulting services for when you’re ready to purchase investment properties. That includes finding those properties with the greatest earning potential, as well as help with zoning, attorneys, and more.

Meet Your Property Manager, Timothy Patches

Timothy Patches, President

For more than 26 years, Tim has been helping investors like you realize their dreams of property ownership, without all the hassles. Tim knows you’ve got a keen eye on your bottom line—and he also knows that you might not have the time or the desire to field late-night repair calls or take tenants to court.

That’s what makes Tim such a remarkable partner in your property investment strategy. All the landlord-type duties that are keeping you from expanding your portfolio are precisely the types of tasks that Tim excels in.

Tim will work with you on issues like zoning. He’ll help you to navigate the legal processes involved with purchasing and owning rental properties, including paperwork and taxes. He’ll even conduct a complete audit of all your properties to determine how they can be more profitable.

Are you ready to stop paying your current property manager more than you should be? Are you ready to have honest conversations about money, and how you can make more of it? Would you like to stop the calls and start getting regular rent payments from your tenants? Then it’s time to talk to Tim.