Couple and a realtor

Our Clients Want More Time and Profit

What types of landlords benefit from our expertise? What kinds of clients do we serve?

When you’re looking for a property management service, it’s important to find one that matches your goals. If your goals include having more free time, getting your rent payments every month, and staying out of court, we can help.

Do You Have Anything in Common With Our Clients?

The clients we serve most often own a total of ten or more units. And they all have a few things in common.


  • own investment properties in the Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, or York area
  • want to attract tenants who pay on time, respect their properties, and call when something needs repair
  • want us to manage all aspects of their rentals
  • want the security of knowing that their properties are being well-maintained and protected
  • are tired of having to show up in court to evict tenants
  • want regular rent payments, on time
  • want to collect the most reasonable rent for each unit
  • are tired of paying property managers for more than they’re getting
  • want open communication with a trustworthy property manager
  • are ready to stop the revolving door of tenants
  • want support and expertise to monetize their current and future investments

Does this sound like you?

If so, get in touch with us today. The systems we have in place for managing properties take care of everything you’d rather not do.